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posted Oct 12, 2017, 1:34 PM by St. Thomas Church

A weekend retreat FOR high school students run BY high school students (and a few adults sprinkled in there as well). Happening has been helping students to learn about who they are in Christ for generations and if you’re a 9th-12th grader (or if you know one or two) you need to figure out a way to get to Happening. The dates are November 10-12 and several of our St. Thomas students and adults are helping to lead this event. This weekend will change your life. Check out for more info.


posted Oct 12, 2017, 1:34 PM by St. Thomas Church

Sunday, November 19. It’s almost here. 5-7 p.m. for Junior High and 6:30-8:30 p.m. for Senior High. Don’t Miss It!

Stewardship Sunday is October 29th

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We believe giving of oneself financially unlocks a part of our hearts where God can do incredible work both in us and through us. Please prayerfully consider your pledge to St. Thomas for 2018. There will be a celebration luncheon after the 10am service. If you are able to attend the luncheon, please RSVP to the church office (920-725-5601) by October 22 so we can plan amounts.

Starting today, you will have an opportunity to post on the “Giving Wall” how you have been blessed by giving to St. Thomas or how you have been on the receiving end of blessings because others give to St. Thomas.

Dinners for some or 8 or 7 or 9

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Please sign up to share dinner with a group from church. All are welcome, you can host in your home, at church or any other agreed upon place. All forms of dining are encouraged, be it casual, formal or take out (Fr. Ralph likes take out from Bao Ju for anyone in his group). Sign-up sheets will be in the Parish Hall by the Coffee Hour easel. Let’s break bread together and have some fun!

The Fall Lock-In

posted Sep 1, 2017, 8:41 AM by St. Thomas Church   [ updated Sep 8, 2017, 9:58 AM ]

It’s a very long way off, but mark your calendars for October 27-29 as those are the official dates of the Fall Lock-In which is open to all 6th–12th graders around our diocese and beyond. Friends are ALWAYS welcome. The location has not been set but will be soon. DON’T MISS what has been called, “The Best Weekend Ever!”

Film School

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On Sunday mornings, we take the spiritual formation of our 7th-12th graders very seriously. And that’s why we do Film School. We read from the scriptures every time in order to guide our discussions and we watch full length films (in 20-30 minute segments) and discuss how the story being told in the film either moves in harmony or dissonance with The Story that God is telling in the bible. (read Acts 17:23) All ages are welcome but please remember this class is geared for our middle and high school students. Our current film, Wonder Woman, will run thru October 22.

Adult Development

posted Aug 17, 2017, 11:17 AM by St. Thomas Church   [ updated Sep 28, 2017, 12:39 PM ]

Study of 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy and Titus - Please join Mary Evenson and be ready to study and discuss what these letters have to tell us about Leadership, False Teaching, and Relationships among Believers. We will be meeting in one of the classrooms adjoining the Parish Hall.  

The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis - (Julie Hendrix, facilitator) Lewis explores what we value and cherish and how that differs from what Christ calls us to value - questions suggested by this book, among many others: Whom do we honor? How and by whom do we want to be honored? What is heaven and what is hell? (If you don't already have a book, books can be ordered for $8.74 through Julie if you send her a quick email at

Studies on Christian Living - 10-week study using Basic Christianity by John Stott. The theme of the book: “We must commit ourselves, heart and mind, soul and will, personally and unreservedly, to Jesus Christ and then go on to take our place as loyal members of the church and responsible citizens in the community. This is basic Christianity.” We look forward to lively discussions and significant spiritual growth. Jim & Peg Dickson, ph. 920-725-8237

Discerning the Will of God - by Henry Nouwen - Fr. John Peterson (facilitator) “Discernment is a spiritual understanding and an experiential knowledge of how God is active in daily life that is acquired through disciplined spiritual practice. Discernment is faithful living and listening to God’s love and direction so that we fulfill our individual calling and shared mission.” “Our God is a God who cares, heals, guides, directs, challenges, confronts, corrects. To discern means first of all to listen to God, to pay attention to God’s active presence, and to obey God’s prompting, direction, leadings, and guidance.” We will be using Nouwen’s book as a guide to the practice of Discernment. Register now so we can reserve a place for you and obtain a book.

Gospel Lesson Discussion - led by Charles Martin. Each Sunday we will discuss various aspects of the Gospel lesson of that day. Don't miss out on the stimulating and challenging discussion! We will meet in Fellowship Hall.

Help Us Raise $15,000 +

posted Jul 27, 2017, 12:46 PM by St. Thomas Church

Last year The STYG raised $19,765 for its Mission trip to Juarez, Mexico. What a blessing! This year, the vision and mission has EXPANDED and you are invited to be a part of it. This isn’t just a STYG (st. thomas youth group) event any more. It’s a ST. THOMAS event! We need EVERYONE to participate. At every home Packers game, we run the dessert carts in the Luxury Suites (heated and/or air conditioned). It's a blast and a wonderful way to fund-raise for the various missions and ministries of St. Thomas. We need 14 people per game. Volunteers must be 16 years old or older. Each volunteer must wear black shoes, black socks, and black pants. Our shirts are provided. We can car pool up but need to be at Lambeau 3 hours before kick-off and we're done in the 4th quarter. If you would like to volunteer and participate in this amazing opportunity to help support St. Thomas missions and ministries, please contact Anne Peterson at (920) 851-2686 or as there are openings for each remaining game (pre-season and regular season and playoffs). Thanks for your prayers and support.

St. Margarita Society

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You are invited to the St. Margarita Society gathering on Monday, October 23rd for the Ladies and Monday, October 30th will welcome all the men, single or attached at Solea's Mexican Grill, 1350 Gillingham Rd., Neenah beginning at 6 p.m. It is an informal gathering with no agenda other than to spend time with each other in a relaxed and fun manner. Come for just a short while or stay as long as you like. No RSVP necessary. Invite a friend to come along.

Women’s 4th Day Grouping meeting

posted Feb 3, 2017, 7:57 AM by St. Thomas Church   [ updated Sep 28, 2017, 12:29 PM ]

Attention Ladies who have attended Cursillo, but are not grouping. We will meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month in the lounge from 1:30-2:30 p.m. Meetings are:

October 24 
November 28 
December 16

Please mark your calendars and join us. If you have any questions, call Sandi Simons 920-213-9531.

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