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Lamplighter - Fr. Aran

posted Feb 25, 2016, 12:33 PM by St. Thomas Church   [ updated Aug 2, 2019, 8:28 AM ]

Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

In the 18th chapter of Genesis, a man named Abraham is sitting in his tent with his wife, Sarah.  They are then visited by 3 “visitors”.  After serving the food and drinks, and after having conversation with these “visitors”, it became apparent to Abraham and Sarah that these 3 “visitors” were, in fact, the Very Presence of God in their midst.

3 distinct persons. 1 God.

In the year 1425 (ish), a Russian iconographer named Andrei Rublev wrote what is arguably one of the most famous icons every written.  It is simply called, “The Trinity”.  It is a depiction of the scene described in Genesis 18 of the 3 “visitors”, seated around a table, sharing a meal together.

Simply google “Rublev Trinity” and you’ll be able to see images of this stunning icon.  You can also drop by my office as I own a copy J

Our Appalachia mission team used this image as a way for us to practice and recognize the times when we participated in what God was/is doing in the world.  And it was amazing to hear both students and adult, at the end of each day on our trip, describe the ways in which they just KNEW that they were at the center of what God was doing at that time and in that place.

Because here’s the thing with this whole “Trinity” notion when it comes to God . . . The Trinity is not a concept or a doctrine for you to believe in.  It is a relationship for you to enter into.  God is not static, motionless, or inactive.  God is always on the move, near to us, participating in the Creation that God made.  And we, as followers of God, in Jesus, get to join in that movement.

There’s a flow to that relationship with God.  Sometimes we are very aware of the closeness of God.  Sometimes God seems distant (even though God never is).  And the invitation that Rublev’s icon gives is for you and I to do the following:

Pull up a chair to that Table.  Step into the Divine Flow.  Enter into that Relationship.  Participate in the Kingdom of God (as Jesus calls it).

If you missed in, on Sunday, July 21, several students shared their “Flow Moments” from our Appalachia “Love Journey”.  You can watch and listen to those stories on St. Thomas’ Facebook page or on St. Thomas’ YouTube channel

And if you’d like to know more about where we’ll be partnering with God next, head on over to to find out!

peace to you