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Lamplighter - Fr. Aran

posted Feb 25, 2016, 12:33 PM by St. Thomas Church   [ updated Nov 2, 2017, 1:09 PM ]

Hello friends . . . grace and peace, 

Well, we’re entering the last month of the year.  New Year’s Day is just a few weeks away.

It’s true.  The 1st Sunday of Advent is December 3rd.  On the church calendar, that’s the First Day of the New Year.

That probably feels kinda funny.  Our culture does the January 1 thing for New Year’s Day.  We typically don’t think of early December as the time when we have the opportunity to make resolutions, start new healthy practices, or end the unhealthy ones.  Once December rolls around, we’re pretty much in “OMG CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE” mode.

But Advent gives us the chance to start a new SEASON in our lives.

SEASONS were absolutely central to the Hebrew people in the time of Jesus.  SEASONS reminded them that once, many years ago, they had been slaves in Egypt.  And in Egypt, they were forced to work 7 days a week making bricks.  Their lives revolved around making things and meeting their quota.  There was no day of rest.  All they knew, for generations, was that their personal worth was measured in the number of bricks they made.

Along comes God who rescues them not just from slavery but also from this damaging and degrading way of life.  And God gives them a new way of life that had festivals at various times of year, during the different seasons, in order to remind them of one very important point:

God did not create human doings.  God created human beings.

This is why the Creation Poem (Genesis 1) talks about God creating and then resting.  It’s why on “Day 4” of Creation the sun and moon and stars are created to mark the days, and the years, and the SEASONS.

When we become aware of the different SEASONS in our life, we become aware that we are called to display the image of God.  We are to create things like music, and buildings, and medicine, and goods, and crops, and all the things we need to live life to the fullest.  But that is not where our worth comes from.  We are human beings, which means we need to do things that feed our souls.  We were made to be in relationship with one another, with God, with the Creation itself.

So as we enter the next SEASON of the church calendar, remember that we are called to take a break.  Breathe.  Rest.  Party.  Pray.  Have a drink.  Eat good food.  Connect with one another.  Connect with God. 

peace to you