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Fellowship Camp

Fellowship Camp is a fantastic time of fun, fellowship, relaxation, renewal and learning for the St. Thomas parish family in a wonderful setting of the northwoods. This weekend is open to families and singles, adults and children. This year's Fellowship Camp will be held in September.

An Important Note About Fees:
For over a decade the St. Thomas budget has subsidized Fellowship Camp to the tune of 50% of actual charges. This subsidy was to encourage as many folks to attend as possible.

Of course the Vestry continues to encourage folks to attend, but also desires to become better stewards of the gifts God has provided. To that end, this year and next the fees for Fellowship Camp will be increased to the actual charges we receive from Camp Forest Springs. Camp Forest Springs provides an excellent rate to us for our two nights of housing, our meals over the weekend, and full use of their fantastic facilities.

The Vestry fully understands this change in fee structure may be a stretch for some members and wants to be clear that cost should not be barrier to attending Fellowship Camp. They also are aware that some members are fully capable of paying the full fee. So while the Vestry has decided to change its philosophy to fees at a level that actually meets costs, it also wants to make clear that those who are in need of financial assistance simply need to ask and they shall receive.
Below is fee structure that the Vestry has approved for Fellowship.

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