Important Information

You are invited to join us live at 
8am and 10am on Sundays.

You can find our livestream at:
Our Sermon Page
YouTube Periscope
to read a letter from Fr. Ralph
to all family, friends, and guests of
St. Thomas Church
How Give Online to St. Thomas
  1. Go to the St. Thomas website:
  2. Click on the Give tab, it will take you to the Give page
  3. On the Give page will be a gold Give Online button, click on it
  4. A white square will pop up that says St. Thomas Episcopal Church with items to be filled out.
  5. Fill in the amount you want to give.
  6. Click on Contribution and a drop-down menu will appear, Click on the area you want to give to (Pledge, Mission, Youth Mission Trip, Building Fund, Flowers or Other).
  7. Choose recurring giving and how often and what day for the withdrawal. You can continue with your donation without choosing this option and make a one time gift.
  8. Fill in your name, email (so a confirmation can be sent to you) and address
  9. You may pay by credit card or through your bank account
  10. By clicking cover fees, this will pay the fees for this transaction (Example: $10 = $.61 in fees, $50 = $.81 in fees) St. Thomas appreciates your added generosity by covering the fees. If you click cover fees, the amount for the fee is a part of your tax-deductible
  11. You can add further information/directions in the note/memo area
  12. You can create an account by adding a password. With an account you can look at your recent or recurring giving, reuse or change giving methods; or change your password.
  13. Click the green Give button which shows the amount of your donation plus fees. Next confirm your contribution.
  14. You are Done! Thank you for giving to St. Thomas!
  15. Please be assured that the online giving is done on a secure site through Tithely even though it looks like you are still on the St. Thomas Give page.